I’m Kristine Ham, I created Go HAM Media.

To ‘Go Ham’

verb | “Ham” is an acronym for “hard as [a] mother f**ker”.

1. To put forth a great deal of effort.

2. To give it all you’ve got.

i.e. “I’m going to Go HAM on this website!”

About Me

I create websites

I meet a lot of folk who give their businesses ‘all they’ve got’. Sometimes figuring out what to say and how to say it is the hardest part in designing what goes on your website or on your socials. It’s surprising how many business owners know their business, but can’t put it into words. Go Ham Media seeks to support businesses by improving the clarity, organisation, transitions, style and tone of their content and websites.

My Approach


My approach is simple. I draw upon Leonardo Da Vinci’s 15th century old quote; Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. What I love about the concept of simplicity is that it can imply beauty, purity or clarity. From a creative or engineering perspective, simplicity lends itself to harmonious design both aesthetically and structurally. When we read someone’s writing we are listening to them. We hear their thinking. The main problem that I see in writing today, particularly in the business context, is that there is too much information and not enough focus. We are quick to add complexity to our messages, perhaps through the belief that it adds rigor to our argument and enhances our persuasive influence. I do not believe the solution is to dumb down the content, but rather to smarten it up.