Website Brief

Website Brief

Your website is the outward expression of your brand on the Internet. It is the focal point that helps consumers form their opinion about your brand. It is therefore important that you define your website’s purpose. If your objective is to create a positive ‘brand experience’ your website requires intuitive navigation, alongside rich and interactive experiences. However, if you are predominantly e-commerce your site would require simple navigation and search functions to ensure consumers find that they are looking for.


We often speak to businesses who are seeking to launch a website purely because ‘everyone’s doing it, and if I don’t I’ll fall behind!” Websites can be costly in set-up and maintenance. Furthermore, if you get it wrong in the first instance, you may potentially be alienating consumers from your brand which is an even bigger cost.


By answering the following questions ahead of commissioning a developer, it will help you determine how your website should look, what it should contain, and what features it should include.  These questions are critical, otherwise you will end up spending cash and resources on something that does not work for you.

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i.e. Disseminate information / Market your company and products / Sell products online / Build constituent and supporter base / Grow your profile.
i.e. lagging / par with competition / leading edge
i.e. Information about us / Contact us / Marketing information / FAQ / Product information / Store / Journals / Articles / Current information / Personal material, writings, and accomplishments
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